DGC is Hiring!

DGC is Hiring!


DGC is Hiring: The Role of a Director of Children’s Programs at Delta Gamma Center

Nestled in St. Louis, Missouri, the Delta Gamma Center is on a mission to empower visually impaired children. At the heart of this mission is the pivotal role of the Director of Children’s Programs – a position that not only manages programs but also shapes the futures of extraordinary children and their families.

Mission-Focused Leadership:

DGC delivers family-centered services for visually impaired children. The Director of Children’s Programs is the architect of early intervention and GRADS programs, weaving a tapestry of hope, resilience, and growth.

Building Bridges:

This role involves maintaining positive relationships with referral sources and active participation in regional and state coordinating councils. The director becomes a bridge, ensuring smooth transitions for clients from referral to ongoing services.

Nurturing Growth:

The director extends the mission beyond the center, fostering community initiatives and partnerships. They are not just a manager but a cultivator of growth, connecting the center with external resources to enhance programs.

Championing Quality:

Quality is the standard the director upholds, monitoring program delivery, ensuring staff have the necessary resources, and creating safe classrooms. The focus is on exceeding quality standards, ensuring every child receives the best care.

Strategic Leadership:

Collaborating with the Senior Program Director, the director ensures high-quality programming and a positive work environment. This collaboration reflects DGC’s core values, placing diversity, inclusion, and equity at the forefront.

Balancing Act:

Supervision, coaching, and mentoring become second nature to the director. Balancing accountability with flexibility, the director supports staff members in effectively managing caseloads and program activities.

Qualifications that Matter:

A bachelor’s degree in relevant fields is a baseline, with professional experience of 7+ years, including supervisory roles, being crucial. Direct experience in early intervention and a passion for working with visually impaired children set the director apart.

Join the Journey:

If you’re ready to shape the future of visually impaired children, DGC invites you to apply. Submit your cover letter and resume to lrohr@dgckids.org and become part of a team dedicated to unlocking the potential of every child.

In the realm of the Director of Children’s Programs at Delta Gamma Center, it’s not just a job; it’s a calling to create a world where every child, regardless of vision loss, can live a life without limits.