Over 70% of Delta Gamma Center’s annual budget depends on community support. Thank you for supporting #DGCKids and families!

Give HERE to support #DGCKids and their families.

Donating to Delta Gamma Center (DGC) provides educational, developmental, therapeutic, and recreational services to children from birth through high school and their families, as they seek to live a life without limits from vision loss.

Usually taken for granted, 80-90% of learning occurs through vision, so much of learning occurs incidentally through observation of the people, places, and actions around us. As a result, children who are blind or visually impaired from birth or shortly thereafter have very unique learning needs and often they have additional disabilities and complex medical needs.

Your support provides:

Early Intervention including educational, therapeutic, development, and recreational services for children from birth through three years old;

Group activities for school-age children to develop independence, fine tune social skills, and engage in the community;

Family support to help caregivers navigate their child’s visual impairment as well as other challenges and needs for resources; and

Vision screening for young children at higher risk of vision problems and/or with limited access to vision services.

Upcoming Events

All proceeds from events benefit #DGCKids!

Purchase a beautiful Christmas Tree at the Opening Day of the Shining Light Tree Lot!
Friday, November 24, 2023 

Save the Date for Run for Sight!
Saturday, April 20, 2024