“DGC has given something to our daughter that she gets nowhere else – hope, confidence, and tangible skills in areas of high interest. We appreciate how DGC equips her with the skills she needs to be a successful, self-confident, and adventurous young woman.”

– Donna and Keith, parents of a young woman who started receiving services from DGC as a toddler.

Our Mission

Supporting children to live a life without limits.

The mission of Delta Gamma Center is to help children who are blind or visually impaired reach their full potential through family-centered, specialized services, and community support.

Our Vision

It is our vision that children who are blind or visually impaired achieve their full potential, have strong relationships with family and friends, and have equal
opportunities to participate, contribute, and lead joyful lives.


We believe…

In the potential of children who are blind or visually impaired.

Collaboration with families and family empowerment are essential to the successful development of each child who is blind or visually impaired.

Education and support are vital for children who are blind or visually impaired, their families, and the community.

Specialized services by highly qualified staff are necessary to address the unique learning needs of children who are blind or visually impaired.

Community education can enhance understanding of visual impairments and increase community acceptance and inclusion.

Join our mission and be a part of an amazing community making an impact for visually impaired children and their families.