Meet DGC

The mission of Delta Gamma Center is to help children who are blind or visually impaired reach their full potential through family-centered, specialized services, and community support.


From the moment of diagnosis, the Delta Gamma Center (DGC) provides life-changing services to help ensure children can reach their full potential. Founded over 70 years ago by a group of dedicated Delta Gamma Alumnae from Washington University in St. Louis, DGC  specializes in educational, therapeutic, and supportive services for children, birth through high school, who are blind or visually impaired and their families.

Services are provided one-to-one in the home, at early childhood centers, and at DGC to Missouri and Illinois families within a 50-mile radius of our Richmond Heights location.


“We learned one of the most important things that we would ever learn in raising a blind child. We learned that he needed to know he was loved like every other child. Also, we needed to allow him to experience everything he could. That we should not filter out things that we didn’t think he could do. Let him try things. Let him feel things, play in puddles, in the mud.” – ‘Ron’ is the proud father of a young man who grew up with services provided by DGC and is now a college graduate.


“DGC has given something to our daughter that she gets nowhere else – hope, confidence, and tangible skills in areas of high interest. We really appreciate how DGC is equipping her with the skills she needs to be a successful, self-confident, and adventurous young woman.” – ‘Donna & Keith’ parents of a teenager who first began receiving services from DGC as a toddler.